Houston, We Have a Bracket

Today on the CBB Central Podcast, Brad and Kevin break down everything we learned from Champ Week, the Selection Show, and start breaking down the entire field of 68. Which matchups are the most exciting, who has the easiest path, and which upsets we like are all included. Plus, our complaints about the committee and more.

Bracket Draft

It’s a week from Selection Sunday, and today on the show Brad and Kevin do a little bracket draft to put together the best matchups in the Big Dance. The concept: let the top team on each seed line choose the best matchup for them (with the exception of a few matchups with the most “juice” that we had to put together.
Plus talk of the first weekend of Champ Week and much more.

Bubble Breakdown Pod

Today on the show, Brad and Kevin go through the bubble to try to sort through which teams deserve a chance to dance the most. With less than a week until March, it’s a perfect time to talk about some of the mid-majors with a chance to dance and what some floundering Power 5’s need to do to find their way into the field.

They take a list of 30 teams that are on the bubble right now and divide them up: 15 in, 15 out. The answers may surprise you!

Podcast: Top 25 Reset

Brad and Kevin take the opportunity to do a big reset on the nation’s top 25 teams given all the craziness of the last week. This gives them the opportunity to talk all the biggest games of the week, plus rant on Indiana’s potential bottom-out, the NET, Maryland, Auburn, NC State, and much more. Plus, the guys talk Jaylen Fisher’s shocking transfer from TCU and potential landing spots for the star PG.