Introducing 32 Conferences, 32 Previews, 32 Days

By Kevin Sweeney

Great news!

You all have made it!

Practices for most Division 1 teams begin in the coming days or have already begun.  This means that the 2016-17 season is officially underway.

With that, I am pleased to announce the launch of “32 Conferences, 32 Previews, 32 Days”, CBB Central’s comprehensive preview of the upcoming college basketball season.  Each day, a different conference will be previewed, with my take on teams and players to watch for the conference.

The previews will begin on Saturday, October 1 and run through November 1. Be sure to share your takes on each league with in the comments of each post or on Twitter: @cbb_central. I look forward to providing all of you with the best insight into the coming season!

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