George Washington Fires Mike Lonergan

By Kevin Sweeney

In a shocking move, George Washington has reportedly fired head coach Mike Lonergan, according to USA Today Sports. The firing comes after Lonergan was accused of verbally abusing his players in July in an article published in the Washington Post. 

The accusations against Lonergan state that he created an “intolerable atmosphere” and said things such as telling a player to go play in a “transgender league”. At the time of the article, which occurred after a former player’s Title IX complaint was not handled properly, the school stated that they were investigating the matter, while Lonergan stated that the accusations were “unfounded”. 

Now, it appears that the investigation is complete, and the Colonials are left in shambles as the season nears. George Washington returns 2 starters, including leading scorer Tyler Cavanaugh, from last season’s team, which won the NIT. It will be interesting to see if George Washington hires immediately from within the program or opts to look for an external candidate to fill the opening. 

Lonergan finishes his time the Colonials with a 97-70 record, including 3 straight postseason appearances.  

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